Unlock Your Unique Feminine Genius Workbook


Unlock Your Unique Feminine Genius Workbook 


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

As a 21st century woman, you already know that there is a lot of things going on in the world and there is a lot of work to be done. As a 21st century Christian woman, you know that the Church is in dire need of help. We know that the gates of the Hell would not prevail against it, but it is doing a good job of attacking it. As Christian women, we feel the call to make a difference in the Church and in the world. This book would guide you to find your unique contribution


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Table of Contents

  1. How You Are Called To Serve The Church And World. 

1.1. Background. 

1.2. Find Your Unique Calling (how you are called to serve). 

  1. Activate Your Feminine Genius With The New Eve Method. 

2.1. Background.

2.2. The New Eve Union. 

2.3. The New Eve Confidence. 

2.4. The New Eve Diet.

2.5. The New Eve Rhythm.

2.6. The New Eve Influence

  1. Self-care while Serving Your Family, Society & the Church. 

3.1 Background. 

3.2. Self-Care Guide.

3.3. Review Home Chores

3.4. Review Office Tasks & Duties. 

3.5. Your New Eve Daily Plan. 

3.6. Your Weekly Plan. 

4.            My Notes  


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