Restore Your Periods & Ovulation Programme


The Restore Programme has been created to help you improve your menstrual cycle using a gentle natural approach. It would be of benefit to you if:

– you are trying to get pregnant
– you want to plan your family naturally but irregular periods are making it difficult to track your fertility
– you are approaching menopause and you want to support your body through change

It contains:
– a self-study programme DVD and Workbook.



The programme would be useful for you if:

  • You want to have a baby but your periods and ovulation are not regular. Irregular cycles just make it so much more difficult to get pregnant.  Sometimes you might even feel pregnant, only for your period to arrive a few days later. It can be difficult to know what is going on.


  • You want to space your babies but you are finding it difficult to use natural family methods because your periods are so irregular. You are tired of wondering if you are safe or not and being too anxious to have sex. You want to be able to pinpoint your fertile times more easily.


You experience excruciating cramps and heavy bleeding during your period. You have tried everything but nothing seems to alleviate these symptoms. 


Maybe the problem is that your periods are too scanty or you have been diagnosed with PCOSFibroids or some other problem. 


You are approaching menopause and you want to be able to help navigate this difficult time gently and naturally

Menstrual periods and ovulation are regulated by hormones and in this programme, you will be supported to improve your hormonal balance naturally for a healthy menstrual cycle without side effects.

At Bridget-Marie we believe that the menstrual cycle is a gift from God through which we bring life into the world. It is an essential part of our femininity so every woman deserves to have a healthy cycle. 

This programme addresses every aspect of your femininity – physical, emotional and spiritual – in a natural way to help you improve your menstrual cycle. Ultimately, It’s about helping you to be the best version of yourself like God created you to be. 

The kit includes:

  • the Programme DVD containing videos to teach you natural techniques based on the New Eve Method
  • the Programme workbook to help you create a lifestyle to improve your menstrual cycle

Once purchased the Restore Programme would be sent to you by post.

Most women who take this programme begin to see results in weeks.


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