Conceiving Naturally


Conceiving Naturally: A natural approach to fulfilling God’s mandate to ‘be fruitful & multiply’


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

You know God calls you to ‘Be fruitful and multiply…’ (Gen 1:28) but you are struggling to do so. Or perhaps you are simply interested in preparing for conception and would like to do so naturally. This book explains how you can conceive your baby naturally the way God intended.

Using the New Eve Method, you will be taught how to become the best version of yourself and the woman God created you to be so that you can conceive more easily. The book contains practical strategies you can apply to take control of your fertility today.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. My Approach

1.2. Preparing for Conception

Chapter 2. The New Eve Union: Connecting & Reconnecting with He Who Loved You First

2.1. Why God Created Us

2.2. Why is this important when you are trying to conceive?

2.3. How to foster a deep union with God

2.4. The Example of Jesus’ Mother, Mary

Chapter 3. The New Eve Confidence: Resolving Mental and Emotional Blocks

3.1. Trying to Conceive for the First Time

3.2. Trying to conceive, but it is not happening

3.3. Previously terminated pregnancies and now struggling to conceive

3.4. Conceived before but has suffered recurrent miscarriages and/stillbirths

Chapter 4. The New Eve Diet: Nourishing Your Body for Conception

4.1. Why Nutrition is Important

4.2. What is the New Eve Diet?

4.3. How Much of These Foods Should You Eat?

4.4. The Wild Card

4.5. The Use of Herbs and Supplements

4.6. What’s weight got to do with it?

Chapter 5. The New Eve Rhythm: Understanding and Supporting your Monthly & Daily Cycles

5.1. Knowing Your Menstrual Cycle

5.2. Your Daily Rhythm

Chapter 6. The New Eve Influence – Creating an Environment that Supports you

6.1. What is stress?

6.2. Identifying Toxic Stress

6.3. Managing Stress

Chapter 7. When There are Problems Conceiving

7.1. Unexplained Infertility

7.2. Recurrent Miscarriages

7.3. Fibroids/endometriosis

7.4. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

7.5. Male Infertility

Chapter 8: Conclusion

8.1. Your Journey to Becoming a New Eve

8.2. Motherhood – A role that transcends giving birth to a child

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