Birthing the New African Woman


Birthing the New African Woman: It is our Time to answer God’s Call to Greatness!


Bridget Marie O. Alabi


Talitha Cumi! It is time for you to embrace the greatness that God has in store for you. You are a gift to Africa and the world is eagerly waiting for your re-birth.

In this book, Bridget Marie explores the gift that is the African woman. She shows how by stepping into her greatness, the African woman can change her society and the world. Using the New Eve Method, she shows how you can become the best version of herself and become the woman God created you to be. 


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Our Divine Calling 

1.1. God’s calling for every woman

1.2. Becoming New Eves

1.3. Why I wrote this book

Chapter 2. The African Woman 

2.1. Who is an African Woman? 

2.2. The Legacy of the African Woman

2.3. Colonialism

2.4. Slavery

2.5. Becoming a New African Woman

Chapter 3. The New Eve Union

3.1. God and the African Woman

3.2. Improving our Union with God

Chapter 4. The New Eve Confidence for the African Woman

4.1. Your Beliefs and Thoughts are Important 

4.2. Some limiting beliefs for African Women

4.3. Reprogramming your mind for success 

Chapter 5. The New Eve Diet: Fit for Purpose

5.1. Why your food is Important

5.2. What Africans eat

5.3. Eating a healthy diet

5.4. A closer look at the food groups in the New Eve Diet

5.5. The Wild Card

5.6. Weight management 

Chapter 6. The New Eve Rhythm: Moving to the African Rhythm

6.1. Understanding and Appreciating our Rhythms

6.2. Maintaining Your Rhythm with Exercise 

6.3. The African Woman Rhythm

Chapter 7. The New Eve Influence: Let Your Light Shine!

7.1. How our World Influences Us 

7.2. Influencing Your World

Chapter 8. African Women in Diaspora

8.1. A Citizen of Two Cultures 

8.2. The Migrant Guilt 

8.3. Doing More for Africa 

8.4. Raising our children in a different culture

Chapter 9: Conclusion



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