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Bespoke Natural Fertility Workhops

Bring the New Eve training to your organisation through bespoke workshops.

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Natural Fertility Workshops for Women

Invite Bridget Marie to teach natural fertility workshops to women in your community. Workshops can be centred around natural conception or natural family planning. Ideal for Churches, local authorities and organisations.



Many fertility problems could be prevented if women were taught how to take care of their menstrual cycles at a very early age. Bridget Marie can hold workshops in secondary schools to teach young girls how to understand and manage their menstrual cycle. 

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Bridget Marie (MSc., FRSPH, AHCP reg.)

Founder of the New Eve University 

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Bridget Marie is a holistic fertility therapist on a mission to support women to have healthy families naturally. 

She has taught thousands of women to improve their well-being and fertility. Her work and research led to the creation of the New Eve Method. She has also written and self-published several books on the subject.