Healing From Pregnancy Loss

So you’ve just lost your precious little baby. The bleeding is over but your heart still bleeds. Doctors have told you that you could try again for another baby. But what the doctors don’t understand is that it wasn’t just a pregnancy you lost. You lost a cherished dream of holding your baby in your arms, breastfeeding your baby, seeing them smile at you. You lost a part of yourself. Your life will never be the same again. Because even when you have other babies, you will never forget your angel baby.

It is not just about your hcg levels getting back to zero; your body has been through a trauma; you have lost your smile and your faith in your body’s ability to have a healthy baby, your relationship with your partner has suffered a jolt and you are not sure of the implications of this loss on your relationship.

When you lose a pregnancy loss, it is ok to expect support but unfortunately you can’t even talk about your loss because let’s face it, it just makes people uncomfortable. You are supposed to ‘get over it’ and ‘move on’ after all since you conceived before, you should be able to conceive again. Besides, pregnancy loss happens all the time, it is not that much of a big deal.

At Cherie Mamma, we think very differently. You deserve support after pregnancy loss. You deserve to be allowed to heal after a loss. Your body needs to be nourished, your mind needs to be supported to release the fears, the guilt and anxiety that come with loss and your grief needs to be acknowledged and worked through. We believe that like the mythical phoenix, you will rise from the ashes and become even more beautiful and stronger than you were – a new woman: The New Eve. Our promise is to help you become that woman.

Every woman needs healing from pregnancy loss because:
– You deserve to become that happy and healthy woman again
– You deserve that your dreams of a growing your family become a reality

And after healing from pregnancy loss, you will be able to conceive another baby more easily and will be more likely to have a healthy pregnancy because you will be conceiving from a strong place.

That is what the New Eve Fertility Method is about; helping you to heal from pregnancy loss so that you can conceive and have a healthy pregnancy by applying the use of natural strategies.

The New Eve Fertility Method uses a combination of:

The New Eve Diet – a natural diet proven to heal your body for conception
Mental & emotional healing techniques to heal your mind and emotions
Support to find your unique daily & monthly rhythms and improve your cycles naturally.
Support to surround yourself with relationships that nourish and motivate you
The New Eve Method empowers you to become the best you can be so that from a place of optimal health & happiness you can conceive and give birth to your baby.

My New Eve Pregnancy: A Natural Guide to Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Pregnancy & Childbirth

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