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The New Eve University

Premium Natural Fertility Education for Women

About The New Eve University

The New Eve University provides natural fertility education to women so that they can conceive, plan and care for their families naturally. 

What we offer

We offer natural fertility programmes for conception, family planning & childbirth. They can be accessed by registering here.

Our programmes are a unique combination of education and support. Members have access to weekly live classes and support sessions. This means that they are empowered to take control of their fertility and their well-being even beyond conception as opposed to typical fertility treatments or other taught courses.

Our Why

Motherhood is a natural process but the reality is that many women struggle to conceive and have healthy pregnancies. In the UK alone, one in 7 couples struggle to conceive (NHS, 2020) and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss (Tommys, 2021). 

Many women also often have to settle for invasive medical interventions such as IVF, IUI, surrogacy to conceive or plan their families with the use of artificial birth control, all of which could be expensive and/or have significant side effects.

Our Approach 

We believe that when women re-gain the natural balance they were created with, it becomes easier to conceive, raise children and build successful careers. We help women to achieve this natural balance by teaching the New Eve Method.

Our Vision

A world transformed by women who build healthy families, careers and societies with their ‘motherhood genius’.

Our Mission

To provide natural fertility education to 1 million women through our programmes.

The New Eve Method® 

The New Eve Method is a 5-step natural process. It helps women to optimise their health, fertility & environment so that they can have the family they want to have.

It was created by Bridget Marie and is a product of her extensive research on the human ecology model of disease/health as a social scientist and her experience of working with countless women as a holistic fertility therapist.

The New Eve Method consists of 5 steps; Union, Confidence, Diet, Rhythm and Influence. It is natural process that can be used by every woman regardless of religious, ethnic or cultural affiliations. 

The New Eve Method by Bridget Marie 

About Bridget Marie - Founder of The New Eve University

Bridget Marie is a natural fertility educator with a background in environmental health. 

Her work began with a fascination for the spatial patterns of health, the social & environmental determinants of health and the human ecology of disease. However, after a medically unexplained stillbirth, she has focussed and specialised in women health and fertility. 

She has since investigated the factors influencing women health & fertility and actively promoted healthy behaviours for better health outcomes and well-being.

She also trained as a holistic fertility therapist and has taught thousands of women to understand their fertility and improve their well-being. Her work and research led to the creation of the New Eve Method.

Bridget Marie (MSc., FRSPH, AHCP reg.)

Founder of the New Eve University