Hi, my name is Bridget Marie. I’m the founder of the New Eve University.

You have a unique feminine genius; every woman has been created with a unique set of skills, abilities and gifts to build a healthy family and make an impact in her society. God created us to be fruitful & multiply, fill the earth & subdue it (Gen 1:28).

At the New Eve University, we help women to build healthy families, amazing careers and fulfil their potential just like God intended without discrimination, without overwhelm and with total authenticity. We are particularly committed to helping women to achieve this naturally with the New Eve Method. Join the New Eve movement today and start to express your feminine genius.

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All Programmes & Courses are Based on the New Eve Method

Join a community of women around the world who are building their families naturally while contributing to their socities.

Get ‘In the Beginning: (Re)defining femininity through the Word of God’ for only £11.99

Understand the place and role of women in the family, society and the Church by going back to where it all started, in the beginning. Unpack authentic femininity through the Word of God – the Bible and through Jesus Christ who is the Word of God.

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At the New Eve University, we run courses & programmes for women to build healthy family, amazing careers and fulfi… https://t.co/NwBtAM0m9S


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