Bridget Marie (MSc., FRSPH, AHCP reg.)

Founder of the New Eve University

Hi, I'm Bridget Marie. Welcome to the New Eve University!

Step into your 'motherhood genius'...Get the support you need to conceive & navigate motherhood naturally.

Here at the New Eve University, we teach the New Eve Method to help women conceive & navigate motherhood naturally, without overwhelm and with complete authenticity & simplicity.

Our programmes are online and offer a combination of guided learning & real-time support so that you can achieve your motherhood goals.

Join the New Eve movement today and become the mother you were created to be

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The New Eve Fertility Programme

The New Eve Fertility Programme is our core programme. It is a 16-week online programme designed to help women optimise their health and menstrual cycle  so that they can conceive or plan their kids more easily. 

It is based on the New Eve Method® and would help you to create a lifestyle to heal and optimise your fertility gently and without side effects. Learn more…

Other New Eve Programmes for Mothers

Get Conceiving Naturally: A Natural Approach to Fulfilling God's Mandate to 'Be Fruitful & Multiply' for only £11.99

Learn how to prepare your body, mind and emotions naturally for a healthy conception & pregnancy using the New Eve Method.


What our Students Have to say

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Bridget Marie and her work has been featured in various media outlets.

At the New Eve University, we run courses & programmes for women to build healthy family, amazing careers and fulfi…


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