Bridget Marie (MSc., FRSPH, AHCP reg.)

Founder of the New Eve University

Hi, I'm Bridget Marie! I teach the New Eve Method® to help women improve their health & fertility so that they can conceive, plan & care for their family naturally.

Learn natural fertility strategies to help you:

  • conceive
  • plan your family naturally
  • have a healthy pregnancy
  • prepare for labour & childbirth
  • address menstrual cycle problems like irregular periods and ovulation

The New Eve Method® is a transformative natural fertility model and is a product of my extensive research on the human ecology model of disease/health as a social scientist and my experience of working with countless women as a holistic fertility therapist.

Join thousands of women who have used the New Eve Method® to improve their fertility and build their families naturally.

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The New Eve Fertility Programme

The New Eve Fertility Programme is our core programme designed to optimise your health and menstrual cycle so that you can conceive more easily, plan and care for your family naturally. 

It is based on the New Eve Method® and is for women who want to build their family naturally while avoiding IVF, artificial contraceptives and other invasive fertility treatments. Register to access this programme and more. Click here to learn more…

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Bridget Marie and her work has been featured in various media outlets.

At the New Eve University, we run courses & programmes for women to build healthy family, amazing careers and fulfi…


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